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Parramatta Park

Current works

  • 170 native trees planted and new park signage and furniture installed
  • Construction of the new northern parking bays along Park Ave completed
  • Queens Rd Gatehouse entry upgrades completed
  • Construction of new car parking areas in the south-west corner of the Park completed
  • Archaeological investigations along the edge of the park completed
  • Project commenced November 2021


The People’s Loop Stage 1 & Landscape Master Plan

The People’s Loop Stage 1 works, which commenced November 2021, will remove cars, initially from West Domain Avenue within the Park, creating a wider and more generous pedestrian and cycling corridor.

Stage 1 works involve the construction of new car parking facilities, which are intended to replace the existing roadside car parking spaces from West Domain Avenue during future stages.

As custodians of the park, we are committed to protecting and enhancing all its natural assets and have developed a Landscape Master Plan to ensure there is minimal impact to its heritage landscape, including existing trees.

Landscape Master Plan

View a larger size or download the plan here.

To deliver the Master Plan $2.5 million is being invested into Parramatta Park for these works, which include:

  • Construction of a new car parking area (54 spaces) in the south-west corner of the Park adjacent to the railway line, with access off Park Avenue. This car park has been sensitively designed into the landscape setting, set back from Park Avenue with a landscape buffer to the street, and retains existing significant trees. The carpark consists of a looped asphalt drive and crushed granite car parking bays similar to elsewhere in the Park.
  • New car parking bays (35 spaces) for park users accessed from Park Avenue, between Queens Road Gatehouse and Coleman Oval, which will continue the existing parking along the street, including those spaces recently constructed by council. A total of 35 parking spaces will be located between stands of existing mature trees and will allow for pedestrian entry points into the park from Westmead and reduce boundary fencing which currently restricts park access.
  • An upgrade to the Queens Road Gatehouse entry to improve pedestrian and vehicular access into the Park and respond to changes being made to traffic circulation from the Parramatta Light Rail Project.
  • New park furniture and signage
  • Improved pedestrian footpaths leading into the Park from Park Avenue.
  • Landscape improvements include planting 170 advanced native trees.


Tree Management

The Landscape Master Plan will ensure most existing trees across the site are retained and protected.

The continuous band of trees along Park Avenue will be preserved and adequate space afforded to significant trees. This includes the Moreton Bay Fig that is being retained in the southern carpark.

In addition, 170 advanced native trees will be planted to replace approximately 30 trees (at various life stages) which will be removed in order to deliver the project. Some of these trees will be used to enhance the existing screen planting along the Park edge.

All existing trees will be carefully protected during the works and an arborist will manage tree protection and advise on ongoing tree management.


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